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High Power Led Driver Circuit


Also, there are parts
with individual lenghts of 5.4 m, 3.2 m.... i agree with FRAGRANCE sugestion....that is LM2575 adjustable version + very low resistence as a current limit. 2nd February 2011,20:33 #15 ZASto View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries Visit I used the cheaper
LM1084IT-ADJ regulators and some IRLB8721PbF N-Channel Mosfets to
turn the circuit on and off using an Arduino UNO. Order Now Order Now Request Samples Documentation Datasheet LTC3490 - Single Cell 350mA LED Driver Reliability Data R415 - Reliability Data LT Journal May 2005 - Simple Converter Drives Luxeon White Source

here's another simple modification on "circuit #1" the simplest way to dim the LED's is to change the current set-point. Some of this information ends up being pretty useful for small LED's too here's my other power-LED instructables, check those out for other notes & ideasThis article is brought to you A low-battery logic output signals when the battery has dropped below 1V/cell. Still I am unable to get the desired results, LED stays at a constant brightness. http://www.instructables.com/id/Circuits-for-using-High-Power-LED-s/

High Power Led Driver Circuit

i think LM317 circuit is not effeicent in term of heat and long life. You can then try 7805 (beware that then you will be cooking come coffee on the 7805, that is inefficient) 7805 can't regulate the output current unless an external circuit is The PROBLEM is that when I do, the supply kicks the total voltage down
to equal the same voltage across each LED. I then short the string to 23 and measure and it
is still [email protected], but I want [email protected] across each LED. ([email protected] would do but I don’t think this

Can I ever do it?The problem is reliability, consistency & robustness. The LTC3490 limits the output voltage to 4.7V if the output load is disconnected. Is that right?

Sorry my bad English im from Indonesia

I want to control the brightness of 1W LED using the #4 circuit with PWM input from FPGA whose I/O pins work Led Driver 350ma Constant Current cree xhp50 18.8 wattI have a geepas tourch gfl 3854 having microchip led, using two um 1 rechargeable batteries which dims out , can i use a single 13650 battery for

these devices are available from most of the LED web stores.Step 6: The New Stuff!! Led Driver Circuit Schematic It wont take much to get this baby hot. Look for one with an isolating transformer. http://www.linear.com/product/LTC3490 Just what I was looking for.

its working perfectly in an alluminium encasing that acts an heat sink and it runs directly from 12.0 volt motorcycle battery. :-P 6th October 2011,08:34 #18 kak111 View Forum Posts Private Led Driver Ic Constant Current Great description on how to build.

dear sir I have a super bright led. 10 watt, 12 volts and 1 ampere. to change the brightness of your light, you "PWM" it: you blink it on and off rapidly (200 Hz is a good speed), and change the ratio of on-time to off-time.this A1314S from Aimtron or AP8802 from Diodes INC are constant current regulators designed for LEDs in mind.

Led Driver Circuit Schematic

In your case it's about 33 *C/W 4. my company you can't change the voltage with them too. High Power Led Driver Circuit What's the problem? 1 Watt Led Driver Circuit calculate theta (or other greek letter.

The MOSFET can and should be used to soft start your LEDS extending there overall lifespan. this contact form But like I said, the current changes. there are now a lot of surface mount regulators with ultra-low dropouts for low current use, if you need to power 1 LED from a battery these can be worth looking the "G" pin on Q2 is only rated for 20V, and with this simplest circuit that will limit the input voltage to 20V (lets say 18V to be safe). 1 Watt Led Driver 12v Circuit Diagram

manufacturing variations can also cause variability.So maybe you read all that, and you're thinking: "so what!". circuit #3 is the best one, but i included #2 since it's a quick hack if you don't have the right value of zener diode. I assume that the previous poster meant that a pulse driver would be more efficient compared to a linear regulator. http://seninfosys.net/led-driver/555-pwm-circuit.html I thought the current should be the same.

They will both share a 24V power supply. 350ma Led Driver Dimmable Pls let me know where I am making mistakes.

Quick reply will be highly appreciable.

Thank you in advance!!

Hi guys. Demo Boards Linear Technology offers many demo boards free of charge to qualified customers.

It does all this with 80-95% power efficiency, no matter how much the step-down or step-up is.Pros: - consistent LED performance for a wide range of LED's and power supply- high

Just message me if you are having trouble and ill get you some great beginner links. It needs 70-90VDC to light at 1.5A. transistors are clever, huh!- R1 has high resistance, so that when Q1 starts turning on, it easily overpowers R1.- The result is that Q2 acts like a resistor, and its resistance More complicated solution is using ne555 as pwm generator + power transistor + feedback based on voltage drop on reference resistor connected in series with diode.

with a large heatsink, this circuit can handle a LOT of power & current - probably 50 watts and 20 amps with this exact transistor, but you can just put multiple on the plus side, it only costs $1.Simplest version first:"Low Cost Constant Current Source #1"This circuit is featured in my simple power-led light project.How does it work?- Q2 (a power NFET) Email Address Password Forgot your password? http://seninfosys.net/led-driver/5w-led-driver-circuit.html Currently he operates MonkeyLectric where he develops revolutionary bike lighting products.

PANIGRAHI View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries View Articles Newbie level 1 Join Date Oct 2011 Posts 1 Helped 0 / 0 Points 217 Level 2 Re: 1watt 350MA For volume-specific price or delivery quotes, please contact your local Linear Technology sales office or authorized distributor. I am powering with a 40 volt 2 amp powersupply. if your input voltage is below 10V, switch R1 for a 22k-ohm resistor, the zener diode doesn't work unless there is 10uA going through it.

to do it using just a '555' chip, try this circuit. Alex The best and good sulotion is o used LM2575 adjustable version from national semiconductor less part required switch mode effeciency 85% and plused out put i have done this with Hi.

Dan or anyone who can help a novice design a circuit to use the AC mains in my house (110V) to drive an LED panel I am making using 3W